Welcome to Warm Springs Ranch in Fairplay, Colorado

Nestled between Brown’s Pass and Weston Pass in Colorado’s iconic South Park sits one of Fairplay’s premiere residential communities. Home to 341 lots comprised of full time homes, part time homes and few vacant lots just waiting to be developed; this gated sub-division boasts beautiful ponds, a trail system, and access points to the surrounding forests and Bureau of Land Management land. In addition to it’s natural beauty the community has a tennis court, a clubhouse, stocked fishing ponds, a natural artesian well and a multitude of local wildlife residents.

If you are a member of the Warm Springs Owners and Mutual Water Association please use the resident login to access the private site. If you are a visitor and have additional questions about Warm Springs that you cannot answer using this site please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!

News and Happenings Around the Ranch

November 6th, 2021

Good Afternoon Warm Springs Friends and Neighbors!

Can you believe that tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time already?  2021 is speeding along and we are moving quickly towards the most wonderful time of the year!  Minter is coming! (You know, because peppermint is all the rage after Thanksgiving 😉)

This is just your friendly neighborhood reminder to turn back your clocks tonight as Daylight Savings Time Ends at midnight!  I hope many of you get to enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow.  For the parent’s out there… my condolences, I will also be suffering for the next few months as we try to adjust our kids to Ben Franklin’s gift to the farmers. 

As we move into the darker days here in Colorado I also want to take this time to remind you about our Dark Skies Initiative here on the ranch.  Did you know that Park County is one of the best places in the COUNTRY for star gazing?  Our Founding Fathers, as it were, kept this in mind when they drafted our covenants which limits the use of excessive lighting in our area and requires you to apply for additional lighting.

Please take a moment to evaluate the lighting situation at your home and make sure you are both in compliance with the covenants and being conscientious of your neighbor’s night vision.  We have become aware of a number of houses that have very bright lights that are crossing their property boundaries and lighting up the night and we ask that you please address this and help us respect the darkness and decrease our light pollution.  Motion detectors and hoods do wonders in containing your lights to your property.

Another item of note if you are thinking of adding permanent lights to your home you will need to request and receive approval from the ARC Committee.

I urge each of you to take another look at the covenants and make sure you are abiding by the good neighbor practices that were outlined and agreed upon when you moved here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.  I look forward to seeing all of you at next weeks board meeting if you are able to come.

All my best,

Jessica Anderson

HOA General Manager



September 22nd, 2021

Welcome to our new website! We are so happy you found us and hope you love our new format. We are always open to suggestions on improvement so please let us know if we can serve you better!

As we move into fall and look ahead to winter please make sure you are prepared for what is to come. It is not uncommon for 285 and other county roads to close due to blowing and drifting snow and it can take the county some time to clear them.  It is important to make sure you are prepared both in your home and in your vehicle if you venture out.  We suggest you have some extra non-perishable food at home, and make sure you pack emergency supplies in your vehicle to include blankets, water and food.  Always make sure you have a full tank of gas, and that your cell phone is fully charged.  If you get stranded the recommendation is that you stay in your vehicle and run it occasionally to keep it warm.  (Make sure the tailpipe is clear of snow!)  You are much easier to find in your car than wandering through a blizzard. If you use wood as an alternative heat source now is the time to stock up.  If your tires need to be replaced now would be the time to make an appointment to have that done.  The later you wait the longer you wait and the first snows are always the most treacherous.  

While Warm Springs plows the community roads your driveway is your own responsibility.  There are a number of plowing companies you could contract with and our website has a few suggestions of Warm Springs locals who offer plowing and snow shoveling. Get on their lists now!  You may also want to invest in a snow shovel or a snow blower if you do not own these.

We are looking forward to another lovely and cozy winter in the Rockies and hope you are too!

All my best,

Jessica Anderson

HOA General Manager