History of Warm Springs Ranch

(Newspaper articles from the Fairplay Flume)

Thank you to our 2013 HOA Board Member, Howard Saunders, for providing this information.
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 Prior to 1882

  • The Ute Indians used South Park for hunting until 1881 when they were taken to reservations
  • With the discovery of gold in 1858, ranches were established in what is now Park County to supply beef to the mining communities (Was Warm Springs Ranch established at that time?)
  • Park County came into being as part of the Colorado Territory in 1861. Prior to the existence of the Colorado territory, this area was part of the Kansas Territory (1854 to 1861).
  • Colorado became a state in 1876
  • In 1868 it was observed by Gen. James Rusling that there were numerous ranches and settlements all the way to Fairplay. He traveled from south to north.
  • By 1870 there were approximately 7000 head of cattle in the Fairplay area.
  • First railroads completed to Denver in 1872, Denver South Park and Pacific railroad. There was a spur that ran into Fairplay. The railroad allowed ranchers to ship cattle to Denver. Garos, located about 15 miles SE of Warm Springs was a major hub for shipping cattle.
  • B. Mullens (1880 to 1882), J. A. Lovell, (1882 to –), Henry Ahrens (1904 to 1920?),
  1. W. Schultz (1920 to 1979 or 1980), Warm Springs Ranch Corporation (1979 or 80)
  • A Dan Mullen froze to death from exposure at the Hilltop mine on 1/15/1898

(Sounds like the D. Mullens who owned Warm Springs Ranch from 1880 to 1882)

March 16, 1882

“The well known Warm Springs ranch, at Mullenville, six miles from Fairplay, is offered

for sale at a bargain, as I cannot occupy it. Fine improvements, good range, warm

springs, good fences, houses, stables, etc. A cash purchaser should apply at once, at the

Flume office or to D. B. Mullen, Como Colorado.”

June 22, 1882

“The Mullen warm springs, on High Creek, are now in charge of Mr. J. A. Lovell, who

has fitted up the premises in good shape, and invites visitors and bathers. He has

arranged the spring so that the full volume of water can be turned into the bath house,

thus filling the tub in a minute and keeping up the temperature so that it is very pleasant.

Parties visiting the spring will be furnished with meals, if desired, at reasonable rates.”

March 29, 1883

“The reported strikes at Warm Springs have not panned well so far. Two assays made

returned big results but the majority showed only a trace of silver contained in the iron

carbonate ore.”

April 28, 1888

“Messrs. Hersche and Fogarty are doing assessment work on their claims near the

Mullenville warm springs.”

“Messrs. Hanlin and Fleming are working upon a group of claims about midway between

Horseshoe town and the Mullenville warm springs.”

May 1, 1904

“Henry Ahrens intends making some improvements in the shape of new buildings on his

Warm Springs ranch. Dave Royer will assist him.”

September 27, 1918

“The members of the high school took cars last Thursday afternoon and went to Warm

Springs on a picnic. The boys went in swimming, and then all biked up Sheep Mountain

to an old shaft. On the way up, several rabbits were seen. Going down, the boys and

girls ran a race to the cars—the boys winning, of course. At five o’clock, all enjoyed a

rabbit fry, and then played games until dark. Tired out, they started for home, all

reporting a good time.”


Ranch purchased by C. W. Schultz.

May 28, 1926

  1. W. Schultz returned from Brule, Nebraska, on Wednesday accompanied by his family.

1979? or 80?

Ranch purchased by Warm Springs Ranch Corporation from C. Schultz, the Schultz who

bought the ranch in 1920. May have purchased the ranch from Henry Ahrens.

May 16, 1980

Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Restrictions, Easements, Charges and Liens for

Warm Springs written and adopted.

July 1, 1984

Filing 5 annexed.

First Cabin at Warm Springs Development- Lloyds’ house on High Creek Rd. at the

turn after you go up ice hill. Constructed of native timber cut at Warm Springs.

Filing 6 (presently known as High Creek Spur)

Not sure of date established or history. ½ acre lots.