HOA Terminology

The Leadership

HOA General Manager

  • Run the Warm Springs Office
  • Offer Support to the Board and the Residents
  • Management of onsite Staff and Contractors
  • Bookkeeping and HOA Accounting
  • Onsite Representative for the Board
  • Liaison between the board and the membership
  • Covenant Enforcement and Education

Maintenance Technician

  • Responsible for general upkeep of the physical property
  • Trail maintenance and management
  • Contract for services to maintain the roads and public areas
  • Patrol the ranch and ensure covenants are being met

Water Technician – (Contracted Position)

  • Responsible for management, maintenance and upkeep of the water system
  • Manages water shut offs for plumbing and water taps
  • Ensures the system is running appropriately
  • Contracts for and interprets water readings

The Board of Directors


  • Chief executive officer and leader of the association
  • Presides at all meetings of the board and membership
  • Executes legal documents on behalf of the association
  • Sets meeting agendas and controls all meetings
  • Represents the board before the residents
  • May have nominating, if not appointment, responsibility for all committees

Vice President

  • Performs all of the duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Typically shares some of the burden of the president regarding appearances, liaison, public hearings, etc.
  • Usually assigned liaison responsibility to specific staff or contractors, and to specific committees



Member at Large

More information on board responsibility can be found on the Warm Springs Policies and Procedures in the Resident Portal.


This community has three primary documents through which we manage by.  First and foremost is the Declaration of Covenants which outlines the rules and requirements for living peacefully in Warm Springs Ranch.  As a supplement to these Covenants the Policies and Procedures further outlines how we will abide by the Covenants.  Lastly the Association also has Bylaws which are upheld.  You can find all three of these documents on the Resident Portal.

Applicable Civil Rights Laws

  • Prohibition against racial discrimination as stated by the Civil Rights Act of 1866
  • Equal Credit Opportunity
  • Fair Housing Amendments Acts, 1988, applies to sale of residence
  • Association must abide by laws prohibiting discrimination against families with kids
  • Persons with disabilities (at own expense) must be allowed to make accommodations per the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1993