Defensible Space

In the last few years our community has had a couple of fires that were a little too close for comfort.  These served to remind us that we live in a heavily wooded area and we need to take steps to give our community a fighting chance should the fires come too close.  We are working on defensible space in our community areas and provide a chipping program yearly to help residents remove trees they have cut down or that have fallen down in order to decrease the fuels through the neighborhood.  The board has designated funds for the indefinite future to mitigate HOA property yearly and continuously work to create defensible space in our community.  In addition we are partnering with the forest service to allow access through our community for mitigation in the forests surrounding our community.  This will be a very big project and we are thrilled they decided to start in our neck of the woods.   We urge all of our owners to think about your property and how it is contributing to our communities safety.  For more information on this program and developments on community fire mitigation please reach out to the HOA General Manager.